Looking for a quick, simple, effective and affordable way to start selling online?

3 steps to owning your online business and getting your first online sale…

  1. Get DigitalRetail and DigitalRetail Suite
  2. Fill out our simple form so we can build your online business within 72 hours
  3. Upload your products and start selling online immediately

From starting a new business to expanding a physical or social business, the Digital Retail package is perfect for small businesses and larger businesses that are looking to get started quickly and effectively with an online business.

DigitalRetial is eCommerce simplified to the core elements that make an online store operate effectively. We have spent years testing our system to make sure it can sell just about anything online and we’d like to share it with you for an affordable price that you won’t find anywhere else. You need to get online as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible, and we’re here to help you do just that.

*Due to the Corona Virus outbreak we have reduced our price significantly to help as many businesses go online and/or remain open in this period

Our Happy Clients

Fancy Gadgets

An eCommerce website for Fancy Gadgets, A retailer of electronics, gadgets and smartphone accessories.

Full Of Toys

An eCommerce website for Full Of Toys, A retailer of children's toys and party accessories.

Corona Defence

An eCommerce website for Corona Defence, A website built with the intention of getting essential supplies to people in need during the COVID-19 outbreak in SA.

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